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Disney+ Star Original “Rebel” Review

New to Disney+ this week is ABC’s ‘Rebel, a show loosely based on real-life rebel Erin Brockovich (who serves as producer on the show). Katey Sagal plays Annie “Rebel” Bello, a vocal warrior for justice who struggles to balance her complicated personal life and standing up for those in need.

Rebel has a lot going on in her life; right from the start of the pilot episode, she’s seen confronting a corporate bigwig about a faulty heart valve that is killing patients. The show focuses very much on the David vs Goliath idea and how hard it can be if you’re David. As well as a whole load of public interest causes, Rebel juggles her private life, and it’s often a struggle for her to keep the two things separate.

Sagel is underrated as an actor, stepping into any role and owning it; she certainly can carry this show and is easily its stand out star. On paper, the idea of a show based on the character of Erin Brockovich is a good one, but having seen the first 2 episodes, I haven’t yet seen any of the movie’s charm that has translated onto the small screen. Hopefully, as the series progresses, it will find its feet.

I found the first 2 episodes of Rebel a little slow and unnecessary, with an overcomplicated plot that felt clunky and disjointed. However, there’s potential, not least, from Sagel, who plays the role of ‘Rebel’ incredibly well and is more than a good reason to stick around and see where the show tales you.

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