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‘Revenge Of Others’ Disney+ Release Date Announced (Canada)

Disney has announced that the Korean Original series “Revenge of Others” will begin streaming on Disney+ in Canada on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, with a two-episode premiere.  The series will also debut on Disney+ in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on the same day.  New episodes will release every week.

Following the suspicious death of her twin brother, Ok Chanmi, a shooting athlete, takes the extraordinary step of transferring to her brother’s school in an attempt to uncover the truth and find out why the police and the school seemed to have covered up his death. Driven by her love for her brother and a need to understand what happened, Chanmi will partner with another student Ji Suheon, to exact revenge by proxy on those who bully others. Filled from the opening bell with mystery, intrigue and a series of strange incidents being thrown at Chanmi, audiences will be left champing at the bit for each new episode of Revenge of Others.

The series stars Park Solomon (All Of Us Are Dead) and Shin Ye-eun (He Is Psychometric). It has been written by Lee Hee Myung and directed by Kim Yoojin.

You can watch a trailer for the series below:

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