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Review: AndaSeat Marvel Series Captain America Gaming Chair

We have something a little bit different from our typical tv-series/movie reviews as we’ll be reviewing a physical product, and in this case, the AndaSeat Marvel Series Captain America Gaming Chair!

AndaSeat’s Captain America Collaboration Series Gaming Chair is one of four Marvel-inspired gaming chairs, perfect for any Marvel fan. You can currently choose from Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Spider-Man. And it sounds like AndaSeat has plans to expand this to further Marvel characters in the future potentially.

Avengers… Assemble!

As you would expect, AndaSeat provides all of the necessary equipment required to assemble the chair. You’ll likely need a second person to help as the chair itself weighs upwards of 70 Lbs, so a second pair of hands to help move and lift the chair is helpful. The chair is sectioned into 12 parts, including the hardware needed. We had a little trouble getting certain parts of the chair to line up correctly to put the screws in, but we got there eventually.

When you’re assembling the chair, you’ll need to consider how far apart you want your armrests to be. The armrests can be customized by moving them closer or further away from you and screwing them in, but during your assembly, it’s hard to know exactly what feels right to you. Be prepared to adjust this until you find the sweet spot for your comfort.

The Good

You’ll be dropping $500+ on this chair, so it can’t solely get away with just having a Marvel design with zero comforts or usability from a practical standpoint, but thankfully this isn’t the case. Make no mistake that some companies sacrifice quality and comfort to prey upon your need for self-expression and your passion for something. AndaSeat is not one of those companies.

This gaming chair stands on its own outside of the Marvel design, and that’s incredibly important for the hefty price tag. With that being, the best part of AndaSeat’s Captain America Collaboration Series Gaming Chair is the stunning look and design of the chair itself. Every time I walk into my office, I smile, looking at this chair. It’s been over a month, and the cool factor still hasn’t worn off, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon either.

The chair comes in blue PVC leather with red and white trim, plus an extra-large lumbar support pillow. On the back is a plain blue backrest with a white Captain America shield. It’s stunning!

I use this chair for around 8 hours each day as an office chair and have zero issues regarding comfort. The chair features 4D armrests, moulded foam and a back support pillow for ultra comfort.

The chair also comes with a matching floor mat, which, in this case, sports the theme of Captain America’s Shield. It adds to the chair’s look, but it’s pretty useless as the wheels constantly get stuck under it. But it looks cool, at least!

The Bad

The weight of this chair is insane. When the courier delivered it, they struggled to carry it, and couriers are used to lugging around heavy boxes. Getting this box up a flight of stairs to my office was a struggle even for the two of us. The massive box, which is also Marvel themed, weighed a staggering 33.8KG. I would highly recommend that anyone who purchases this chair and needs to have it upstairs opens the box and carries it piece by piece upstairs.

This is also not a budget chair by any stretch of the imagination. It’s regularly available for $529.99, which is steep. However, at the time of writing, the chair is on sale at $249.99. This is a STEAL and the lowest we’ve ever seen the chair by far. At $249.99, I wouldn’t even think twice about this purchase, but that isn’t the case at $529.99. If you can, find this chair when it’s on sale, and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

I also wish the armrests could be adjusted higher, but overall we don’t have many complaints.

You should buy this if…

  • You want an incredible gaming/office chair
  • You’re Captain America or really want to be Captain America
  • You can swallow the high price
  • You’re a huge Marvel fan (obviously!)

You should not buy this if…

  • You’re on a budget
  • You work for HYDRA
  • You don’t like Marvel
  • You don’t game or need an office chair

AndaSeat’s Captain America Gaming Chair is a Marvel showpiece, sure, but it’s also a practical purchase that does what a high-quality chair is supposed to do.

Thank you so AndaSeat, for sending over this gaming chair for this review.

You can purchase the chair right here!


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