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Review: ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’ Disney+ Series

Lucasfilm’s Original series “Star Wars: Ahsoka” debuts on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 6:00 pm PT, on Disney+ with the first two episodes.  New episodes will release every Tuesday through October 3, 2023.

Set after the fall of the Empire, “Star Wars: Ahsoka” follows the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

“Ahsoka” stars Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ray Stevenson, Ivanna Sakhno, Diana Lee Inosanto, David Tennant, Lars Mikkelsen and Eman Esfandi.

The episodes are directed by Dave Filoni, Steph Green, Peter Ramsey, Jennifer Getzinger, Geeta Vasant Patel and Rick Famuyiwa. Dave Filoni is the head writer and executive produces along with Jon Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson and Carrie Beck. Karen Gilchrist serves as co-executive producer.

This spoiler-free review is based on the first two episodes.  The series consists of 8 episodes in total.

Rosario Dawson returns as Ahsoka Tano who we last saw in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.  Tano was first introduced onscreen in the 2008 animated film The Clone Wars and also appeared in the animated series Rebels.  In the animated series, Tano was a force-sensitive and snippy young Padawan (Jedi in training) learning the ways of the force under Anakin Skywalker.  Tano’s animated version was voiced by Ashley Eckstein.

In the live-action series, we also see Sabine Wren played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo who is a former bounty hunter turned rebel soldier and pilot Hera Syndulla played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  Additionally, Eman Esfandi plays Ezra Bridger and Lars Mikkelsen reprises his role as Grand Admiral Thrawn from Rebels.

Even though the series is live action, the bright and stunning visuals capture an animated feel. While you don’t need any prior knowledge of Ahsoka Tano’s background to enjoy the show, there are plenty of subtle references from the animated series and Easter eggs to delight Star Wars fans.

Dawson once again gives a stellar performance as Ahsoka displaying the calm, focused, and collective manner of the former Jedi Knight.  Viewers who are attracted to the adorable characters in the Star Wars franchise like BB-8, Grogu, Ewoks and Porgs will love Chopper the finical droid and the Loth-cats who are fuzzy feline creatures.

The series is set to a fantastical score composed by Kevin Kiner who previously scored other animated Star Wars projects including The Clone Wars, Rebels, Tales of the Jedi and The Bad Batch.

The first two episodes of “Star Wars: Ahsoka” feature epic battles, heart pounding action, sinister villains, and hints at storylines blending together from other Star Wars Disney+ series. Overall, Ahsoka is an adventure we want to journey along with.

If you’d like to catch up on Ahsoka’s journey in the Star Wars universe, The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett are all available to stream now on Disney+.

You can watch the trailer for “Star Wars: Ahsoka” below:

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