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Review: “The Big Fib” | Disney+ Original Series

Disney+ has officially entered the kids’ game show space with the release of a brand new Disney+ Original Series, “The Big Fib”.

The show is hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and featuring Rhys Darby as her robot sidekick, C.L.I.V.E.

In each episode of this “comedy game show”, a kid starts by playing a warm-up round where a silly liar and an authentic expert share fibs and fun facts. This round is played for laughs as well as always having a nugget of real information about the topic.

Next, the kid contestant plays the main round where they question an expert who’s paired with a really good liar on the same topic. It’s up to the kid to find the fibber.

The show culminates with the expert and liar standing under the Fib Foam machine to await their fate. If the kid chooses correctly, the liar gets foamed. The Big Fib is full of outrageous truths that sound like lies and audacious lies that sound like the truth.

As we all know, Disney famously provides content that the whole family can enjoy. This show doesn’t fall into that category. “The Big Fib” is firmly for children and young children at that. I’m not even entirely convinced it’s something that adults would enjoy watching with their children. It’s incredibly cheesy and highly scripted, something that the appropriate age group would absolutely get a thrill from watching.

“The Big Fib” is the perfect show to put on for your kids and maybe even pique your interest while doing something else in the background. There’s no doubt it will keep young children entertained while knowing it’s a safe option with a combination of silliness and education.

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