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Review: ‘The Crossover’

2023 is the year of basketball on Disney+, thanks to Chang Can Dunk and now, Disney+ has brought to life Kwame Alexander’s award-winning verse novel The Crossover.

The show is a family drama that follows two brothers, Josh ‘Filthy’ Bell (Jalyn Hall) and Jordan ‘JB’ Bell (Amir O’Neil), and their family as they navigate their lives on and off the basketball court. The parents, Crystal (Sabrina Revelle) and Chuck Bell (Derek Luke), are instrumental in the boys’ upbringing at home and in school, where Crystal is the principal and Chuck is the basketball coach. The series is narrated by Daveed Diggs, who plays an older version of Josh, reminiscing about events that occur in the present.

The Crossover is an inspiring tale of the power of a strong familial support system, and it is an excellent addition to the Disney+ lineup. The show offers something different from your typical Disney+ series, with a generational aspect to the plot, as Crystal and Chuck try to instill the lessons from their past to give their children a brighter future. The show’s heavy story offers something more mature for viewers, and it’s an excellent show for families to watch together as it is sure to spark meaningful conversations.

The basketball theme is the series’ core element, and the show is an excellent production, with strong performances from the entire cast. The Bell brothers’ skills are part genetic, part discipline, thanks to their father’s coaching, and their confidence comes from their mother’s guidance. There are pop-up vocabulary moments that emphasize important words, a nod to the source material, which is an award-winning verse novel by Kwame Alexander.

The series does an excellent job of balancing the importance of basketball in the Bell brothers’ lives with their personal relationships. The series offers a glimpse into the Bell family’s lives, their struggles, their successes, and their failures. While the show is an entirely different format from the book, the core story is present, and the show offers a fresh perspective on the Bell family’s story.

The Crossover is unique in that it is told from the perspective of an entire Black family. The series is more than just a step in the right direction; it is necessary and needed.

Fans of dramas will thoroughly enjoy the series. The show offers a unique perspective on the importance of familial support, the struggles and joys of growing up, and the love of basketball. Overall, The Crossover is an excellent addition to the Disney+ lineup, and viewers of all ages will enjoy it.

All eight episodes of The Crossover will drop on Wednesday, April 5th, on Disney+.

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