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Review: ‘The World According To Jeff Goldblum’ Season 2 (Episodes 1-5)

Jeff Goldblum is back and better than ever.  In season 2, Goldblum’s curiosity takes him on a journey to explore topics like magic, fireworks, monsters, dogs and dance. In each new episode, Jeff’s insatiable appetite for learning and sense of wonderment take him from coast to coast to meet with passionate fans, experts and scientists, to gain a deeper understanding of how ordinary objects are extraordinary.

The first five episodes will launch exclusively on Disney+ Day (Nov. 12). Disney+ Day is a global celebration that will come to life across The Walt Disney Company on Friday, Nov. 12, with new content releases, fan experiences, exclusive offers and more.

Take a look at our review of the first five episodes from Season 2 below:

Episode 201 – Fireworks

Fireworks celebrate the most momentous moments in our lives.  The beauty, the magic, the wonder…why are we so fascinated with fireworks?  Is it the loud booms, the bright lights? Goldblum dives deep into the billion-dollar industry to discover what we love about fireworks and where they came from.  From the history of peace loving monks where it began with bamboo in a flame, to the the magic in a box that lights up the sky today, and to the sophistication of drone technology which could be the future of our eyes to the sky…get ready to ooooo and ahhhh as he sheds light on the artisanal craft of fireworks and our relationship to it.

Episode 202 – Magic

Magic is the marvel at the impossible and the break from reality that takes us out of the ordinary.  Are we being deceived or hoodwinked? Or does it even matter because we enjoy the thrill so much? In this episode, Goldblum takes us to a world of magical illusion and deconstructs it.  Penn and Teller are on hand to create some mind-boggling tricks and then we learn what happens inside our brains for the trickery to happen.  Goldblum even consults with a witch coven where we get to see a vulnerable and emotional side of him that many have never seen before.  Magic exists in our willingness to believe in things we don’t understand.   You have to see it to believe it!

Episode 203 – Monsters

In this episode, Jeff discovers the frightening truth behind why we love to be scared.  Americans spend 8 billion dollars on Halloween every year. And the most ghoulish and grotesque creations could be projected right out of our very own subconsciousness.  Goldblum’s journey takes him to a haunted house, a visit with a special effects guru and real life monster hunters. Those who love Jeff’s quirky humor will especially enjoy this episode as he discovers why humans love to be scared.  After all, there is a monster in every one of us!


Episode 204 – Dance

In this episode, Jeff waltzes into the world of dance and explores what it is about dance that gets us going.  He visits a roller rink, moonwalks with a sea lion, and struts his stuff discovering that dance speaks louder than words and expresses feelings we can’t always show.  Get ready to boogie along as we learn how dance brings us together and connects us with one another in a special way that nothing else can.


Episode 205 – Dogs

In this heartwarming episode, Jeff explores our powerful relationship with man’s best friend.  In the United States, 63 million households include at least one dog and we spend over 70 billion dollars on our furry pals.  Jeff meets with an internet canine superstar, goes mushing with a pack of huskies, visits some puppies who are in training to be service dogs and more.  Our relationship with canines began with wolves thousands of years ago.  Did we domesticate dogs or did they domesticate us?  The heart of the matter is our connection with dogs and how they lead by example.  They are present, joyful, ready to help and sacrifice and they can ultimately teach us to be better human beings.

The five remaining episodes from season two will be available to stream on Disney+ early next year.

The first season of “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” is currently available on Disney+ and covers topics such as sneakers, denim, ice cream, cosmetics, pools, bikes, RVs, gaming, jewelry, BBQ and coffee. 

You can watch a trailer for season 2 below:

“The World According to Jeff Goldblum” is produced by Nutopia for National Geographic. Jeff Goldblum and Keith Addis are executive producers for the series. For Nutopia, Jane Root, Sara Brailsford and Arif Nurmohamed are executive producers, and John Hodgson is co-executive producer. Matt Renner and Chris L. Kugelman serve as executive producers for National Geographic.


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