Rumor: Lucasfilm Is Developing A Star Wars: Kylo Ren Spinoff


A new rumor suggests that Lucasfilm is currently working on a Star Wars spinoff featuring Kylo Ren.  This report comes from  Kessel Run Transmissions which says the project could be either a series or a movie, and it will most likely be centered on Ben Solo’s story before he became Kylo Ren.  This means the events would take place prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making it a prequel.

The article also states that there is no evidence of Adam Driver reprising his role as Ben Solo/Kylo Ren which means the project could be animated, or possibly feature a younger Ben Solo played by a different actor.

Keep in mind, Lucasfilm nor Disney has shared any information about a Kylo Ren project so we’ll keep this a rumor for now.  We’ll keep you updated when any new information becomes available.

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