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Seasons 1-3 of ‘PB&J Otter’ Coming To Disney+ (AUS/NZ)

Disney has announced that Seasons 1-3 of “PB&J Otter” will release on Disney+ in Austalia and New Zealand on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

“PB&J” Otter is an American animated musical television series. It premiered on Disney Channel’s preschool block on March 15, 1998. A total of 65 episodes were produced during the course of its three-season run, with the final episode airing on September 24, 2000.

The show follows the Otter family who live in the rural fishing community of Lake Hoohaw. Most stories revolve around the three Otter kids: older brother Peanut, younger sister Jelly and baby sister Butter, as well as their friends and neighbors.

The show was created by Jim Jinkins, who also created Doug and Allegra’s Window, and executive-produced by David Campbell in close conjunction with Harvard University’s Cognitive Skills Group, “Project Zero.”

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