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When is ‘Secrets Of Sulphur Springs’ Season 3 Coming Out?

Two seasons of ‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’ is streaming now on Disney+, and the series been incredibly popular with audiences. The series has reached 8.4 million total viewers, ranked as the #1 series across all television with Girls 6-11, and the #1 live-action series on DisneyNow.

Unsurprisingly, Disney has picked up the series for a third season, but when exactly is Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 3 coming out?

Will There Be Season 3 of Secrets of Sulphur Springs?

Yes! Disney confirmed in February 2022 that Secrets of Sulphur Springs will be returning for season 3 on Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney+.

“Secrets Of Sulphur Springs” Season 3 Release Date

Disney hasn’t officially announced an exact release date for Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 3 other than Spring 2023.

The previous two seasons of Secrets of Sulphur Springs have been released in January, but unfortunately, the third season won’t be following a similar pattern.

It’s believed that production began on July 18, 2022 and wrapped on September 16, 2022. The show will need a small amount of time in post-production, but ultimately, Disney confirmed that the third season will be released in Spring 2023.

We’ll be sure to update this article the moment Disney has officially confirmed an exact release date.

When is “Secrets Of Sulphur Springs” Season 3 Coming To Disney Plus?

Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 3 will debut on Disney Channel and Disney XD before it arrives on Disney+. As we don’t have a Disney Channel release date yet, it’s even harder to predict when Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 3 will arrive on Disney+.

That said, based on previous seasons, Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 3 should arrive on Disney+ about a month after it debuts on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

We’ll be sure to update this article once Disney has confirmed some official news on Secrets of Sulphur Springs season 3.

”Secrets Of Sulphuric Springs” Season 3 Teaser Trailer


What is “Secrets Of Sulphur Springs” About?

Filmed and set in Louisiana, the first season of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs” followed 12-year-old Griffin Campbell (Preston Oliver), whose world has been upended by his father, Ben (Josh Braaten), after he moves the family from Chicago to take ownership of an abandoned hotel property, The Tremont. Now, the family—which also includes Griffin’s mother, Sarah (Kelly Frye), and his younger twin siblings, Wyatt (Landon Gordon) and Zoey (Madeleine McGraw)—live in The Tremont in hopes of restoring it to the lively vacation destination it once was. On his first day at his new school, Griffin hears rumors that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Savannah (Elle Graham), a girl who disappeared decades ago. He soon meets and befriends Harper (Kyliegh Curran), a thrill-seeking classmate, and they discover a secret portal that allows them to travel back in time and uncover clues about the town mystery.

In season two of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs,” Griffin and Harper unravel new mysteries about The Tremont, and Harper follows the real ghost back to the 1930s to learn more about her family’s deep-seated connection to the hotel. When the power source to the time machine is unintentionally taken and the portal disappears, Harper becomes trapped in the past with her great-uncle Sam and great-great-grandfather Elijah, while her great-grandmother Daisy is left to navigate the present. With help from Savannah from her new life in 1962, the friends attempt to fix the time machine and bring back the portal before it’s too late and their lives are forever changed.

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  1. This really makes me angry. We were hoping Disney would just run the newest episodes on Disney plus since we do not have the Disney Channel and really can not afford to get it right now. We really enjoy The secret of Sulphur springs.


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