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Shawn Levy Offers Update on Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Film

Last November, it was revealed that Shawn Levy was in talks to direct an upcoming Star Wars film.  Little details about the film have been announced since then however Levy recently gave an update on the project.

During an interview at Collider’s TIFF media studio at the Cinema Center at MARBL for his upcoming Netflix limited-series All the Light We Cannot See, Levy told Collider that the development phase of his Star Wars project had just begun work when it was stopped in its tracks by the writers’ strike, and that work on it would resume once the writers had received their fair share.

You can see what Levy said below:

“We were just starting the process of developing my movie, and the writer strike happened.  So we are in that holding pattern that so much of our industry is in.”

Levy is best known for directing the Netflix series Stranger Things, all three Night at the Museum films, Free Guy, and most recently Netflix’s upcoming All the Light We Cannot See and Marvel’s Deadpool 3.

Source: Collider

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