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“Short Circuit’ Season 2 Coming to Disney+ This Summer (US)

Disney+ just released a huge line-up of content coming to the United States this summer including a fresh batch of weekly Disney+ Original Series episodes, a “New to Disney+” movie of the week, and curated seasonal favorites to relive again and again.  One of the titles announced is Season 2 of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ experimental short film program, “Short Circuit,” which arrives on Friday, July 30th.

If you could tell any story with the team of talented artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios, what would you create? Welcome to Short Circuit, an experimental, innovative program where anyone at the Studio can pitch an idea and get selected to create their own short film. Season 2 features five all-new short films featuring new filmmakers, engaging storytelling and innovative styles of animation.

For the full line-up of what was announced for Disney+ in the United States this summer, click here.

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