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‘Siempre Fui Yo’ Season 2 Trailer Released

Disney has released the trailer for the second season of  “Siempre Fui Yo” (It Was Always Me) which will begin streaming all episodes from Season 2 on Disney+ around the world on January 17, 2024.

The series follows the adventures of Lupe, a Mexican girl whose life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out her father, Colombia’s greatest music star, has died and decides to leave her native Mexico and travel to Cartagena to attend his funeral.

The second season begins three years after the TV contest Lucas Martin Presenta: El Camino de El Faraón, when its participants meet again on Pipe’s – now one of Colombia’s most famous rockstars – private island to record a reunion album. Everything has changed dramatically: while Lupe is settled in Mexico working as a journalist, Noah spends his days in a bar he inherited from his family in Colombia. It seems that the reunion album is the perfect opportunity for everyone to reconnect after so long, but everything gets complicated when on the first night a valuable necklace that El Faraón gave Lupe disappears. In a mysterious and indecipherable way, everyone’s secrets begin to come to light, creating tension between the old friends and threatening to destroy the lives they built.

Check out the trailer below:

Also, check out the new poster below:

The first season of “Siempre Fui Yo” is now streaming on Disney+.

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