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‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds’ Added to Disney+

The Disney+ Original “Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds” has now been added to the streaming service. The series consists of 7 episodes that are about 8 minutes long and features sound clips and sound effects from Star Wars films and series.

“Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds” explores the ambiance of a galaxy far, far away through themes such as wonder, excitement, oddities, and more. Be immersed in the hum of Coruscant at golden hour, listen to the light side of the Force as Rey connects to past Jedi, and observe booming lightsaber duels. Experience the nostalgic sounds of Star Wars from across the franchise.

Episodes include:

  • Wonder
  • Excitement
  • Dark Side
  • Light Side
  • Beeps
  • Connections
  • Oddities

“Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds” can be found in the Star Wars Collection on Disney+.

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