Star Wars Movies Exclusively Available in 4K On Disney+


Disney+ gave Star Wars fans a surprise earlier this morning when the streaming service launched by giving the movies a serious upgrade. The entire Star Wars series, including the original trilogy and much-maligned prequels, has also been remastered in 4K with Dolby Vision and Atmos support, delivering the clearest look ever.

“We have actually been spending a lot of time getting the movies and TV shows as appropriate, upgraded and ready to be viewed in that format,” Disney streaming services head Michael Paull said at a media event. “We are working very very hard at making as much a selection as possible of our programming [available] in 4K UHD.”

There have been rumours about a 4K boxset, that likely won’t arrive until 2020. For now, Disney+ is your only source for 4K Star Wars.

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