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‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ Season 2: Renewed or Canceled

Th first season of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures has officially debuted on Disney Junior and Disney+ as of early May.

Set during The High Republic era, the animated series follows Jedi younglings as they study the ways of the Force, explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures in need, and learn valuable skills needed to become Jedi along the way.

Now that season 1 has ended, the biggest question remaining is if and when we might see Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures return for season 2? Read on for everything we know about season 2!

Has ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ Been Renewed For Season 2?

Official Renewal Status: Pending / Not Yet Renewed
Our Renewal Prediction: Leaning Renewed

Disney hasn’t officially confirmed whether ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ will be returning for season 2, but we think the show will likely return for a second season. However, this will ultimately come down to how the first season performs.

Disney+ is expected to operate under a more restrictive budget in the forthcoming years. If ‘Star Wars: Young Adventures’ has not garnered substantial viewership, the likelihood of the series facing cancellation will increase. Although Disney has not released specific viewership statistics, the series has made several appearances on the Disney+ trending charts, which serves as a positive sign.

You may be curious about whether the ongoing writers’ strike could impact ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ Season 2. However, the show will not be affected by the strike, as its writers are part of the Animation Guild, which is not currently on strike.

Due to the strike, Disney may shift more of its focus towards animation, potentially boosting the likelihood of the show’s renewal.

The show hasn’t received  particularly favorable reviews from the general public, holding a 53% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Disney usually relies on data rather than reviews to decide whether to renew a show.

Disney’s announcement of show renewals lacks a predictable pattern. Renewals can happen before the newest season airs, during the finale episode, or take months to be announced.

If we don’t hear news about season 2 before the end of Summer, the show will likely be canceled.

We’ll be sure to update this article once Disney has confirmed further news about ‘Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.’ Season 3.

‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ Season 2 Release Date

Disney has not yet confirmed whether ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ will be back for Season 2, so there is no official release date at this time.

If ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ does get renewed for a second season, we anticipate it will premiere on Disney+ and Disney Junior on May 4th, 2024.

However, keep in mind that this is just an educated guess based on the release date for season 1.

‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ Season 1 Trailer

Would you like to see ‘Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures’ return for season 2? Let us know in the comments!

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