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‘Station 19’ Canceled; Won’t Return For Season 8

‘Station 19,’ a spinoff of the renowned ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ will end with its upcoming seventh season on ABC.

The decision to end the series was made early in the production of Season 7. Thankfully, this allowed the producers to thoughtfully develop an appropriate finale for the first responder drama.

As ‘Station 19’ approaches the end, it will reach a significant milestone: the 100th episode in Season 7. This season’s production faced challenges due to two major Hollywood strikes. To date, the series has aired 95 episodes, with the final season comprising 10 episodes.

There is a debate about whether this marks an outright cancellation of ‘Station 19’ or a natural end to its storyline. Officially, the narrative leans towards a natural conclusion. Regardless, this decision feels unusual as the show is successful.

Throughout its duration, ‘Station 19’ secured its position as ABC’s second-highest-rated drama series, following ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ The show has been recognized for addressing significant and sometimes challenging topics.

Station 19′ has garnered significant success on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ internationally. Its regular presence on trending charts underscores its popularity, making the decision to end the show even more perplexing.

‘Station 19’ Season 7 is set to premiere on March 14 on ABC, with availability on Hulu starting the following day. While an international release date on Disney+ has not been announced, it typically occurs a few weeks after the ABC debut.

Source: Deadline

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