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Review: ‘Star Wars: Tales of The Jedi’

Tales of the Jedi is the latest animated addition to the Star Wars Universe from Disney+, and it acts as a great companion series to the Clone Wars franchise. 

Structured as six 15-minute shorts from the prequel era, the show manages to craft two beautiful, character-driven stories over a long period of time, and it works excellently. 

The series tells a dual story of the Jedi Order from the perspectives of Ashoka Tano and Count Dooku in a way that blends them nicely. The show answers many burning questions about the two characters, and if you like either one, you’ll love seeing a more focused, in-depth look at their pasts. 

Ashoka’s story is one that any fan will love to see more of, her character’s past is such a rich and interesting one to watch, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Dooku’s part in this is surprisingly very good, too – I initially didn’t know what to expect from it, but it’s best described as a blessing in disguise. 

The animation is nicely done, and the score by Kevin Kiner is very powerful. I loved the sound design, and just about everything to do with the show’s production was perfect. 

Once again, any Star Wars fan will be in for a treat when starting this series; it’s a master at character development and addressing some unanswered questions about the Jedi past. I recommend giving ‘Tales of a Jedi’ a watch, as it’s not worth missing!

Star Wars Tales of the Jedi is available to stream exclusively on Disney+ now


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