Final Episode Of The Mandalorian Scores 100% On Rotten Tomatoes


There’s no question that The Mandalorian has been a huge hit on Disney+. At one point, it was the most-watched tv show in the world.

The critics on Rotten Tomatoes have given the final episode, Redemption, a perfect 100% rating out of 14 reviews.

The penultimate episode, The Reckoning, has also earned a 100% rating out of 25 reviews, ending the season on an incredibly positive note.

Only the fifth episode, The Gunslinger, slipped to a 73% rating, but each of the other episodes earned either a rating in the 80 or 90 percentile.

Keep in mind that these numbers might decrease if more reviews are released but regardless this a huge win for Disney+. Disney has already announced further details on Season 2, which will be coming Fall 2020. If you haven’t already, check out of our review of The Mandalorian.


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