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‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Canceled; Won’t Return for Season 3

The Disney+ Original Series, “The Mysterious Benedict Society”, has been canceled and won’t be returning for a third season.

In season two, Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance, the four gifted orphans who were recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict (Tony Hale), embark on another mission to save the world from the nefarious plans of his twin brother Dr. L.D. Curtain (also Hale). 

When the kids discover that Mr. Benedict and Number Two have been kidnapped, they must piece together the riddles and clues within a perilous scavenger hunt set by Mr. Benedict to foil Curtain’s latest scheme. Relying on only their wits, intellect, and empathy, the charming group of misfits embark on a globe-trotting adventure by air, land, sea and pie truck, calling upon their special skills to solve the mysteries and rescue their lost comrades. Along the way, the kids experience the growing pains that come along with being part of their new “found family”, while remaining true to their unique selves. In the process, they discover what true happiness really means.  

Phil Hay, the writer for the series, shared some details on the cancelation on social media:

Dear friends- season 2 will mark the end of THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY’s journey on Disney+. We love everyone who helped make this truly special and indeed life-affirming experience happen. No regrets- so proud of what we made!

So grateful to every one of you who who made a place for our show in your home & heart. From author @TrentonLeeStew1 to geniusii @MrTonyHale & @kristenschaaled to our partners @toddzer1 & @DSwim & writers to the kids, their families, 20th, D+, our whole cast & crew

You made it wonderful and we loved every minute. The beauty of streaming is that the show lives on Disney+ and you can find it whenever you want to visit. Spoiler alert for how the story ends: the kids stay friends forever.

The second season appeared favorable with audiences with 87% approval rating on rotten tomatoes. However, unfortunately, the second season didn’t seem to generate the buzz or viewership as the first season.

There are four books in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, plus a prequel book about Mr. Benedict’s backstory, so there was plenty of runway for further seasons in the future.

Are you disappointed about “The Mysterious Benedict Society” being canceled? Let us know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Canceled; Won’t Return for Season 3”

  1. Sorry to hear the show is not returning. My grandson and I enjoyed the show and had been looking forward to the next season. Not to be.

  2. Oh no!!! I am sooooooo sad & upset! Disney FINALLY made a really good, thoughtful, interesting show, that the entire family can watch & enjoy! I was so happy to have found it. ~~ Please, please reconsider!!! Please!!!!!!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the above comments! It was a fun, entertaining show that our entire family watched together. Please reconsider a third season!!

  4. I (77 years old) and my grandchildren are MOST DISAPPOINTED that the plans for Season 3 of The Mysterious Benedict Society have been cancelled. They have eagerly read all the books and LOVED all the adventures in the TV Series.

  5. Not very often do you find an amazing show to watch, no binge! but then of course it comes to an end you cry Nooooooo! -said all my kids. Please make another season!

  6. I loved the series so much!!! It had so many emotional changes and it created many curious moments on what would happen next!!! I’m so sorry that there won’t be another one but I hope in the future, people would try to reconsider and realize how amazing and great this series was!!!


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