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The Social-Distancing Series ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ Arrives on Disney+ – A Review

It’s hard to remember a time pre-covid 19, without restrictions, social distancing and lockdowns. Its been a year since life changed dramatically and we all had to adjust to a “new normal” One of the many industries effected by the the global pandemic was the entertainment industry, film and TV sets were closed and release slates shifted. It didn’t take long for studios to figure out a way that allowed them to continue to make content safely, all be it with certain restrictions in place.

‘Love in the Time of Corona’ was one of the first remotely produced TV shows to be released. Originally it aired on the Disney-owned Freeform, later being available to stream on Hulu. This week its available for the first time in the UK via Disney+.

Essentially the length of a movie split into four parts, ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ is a well made look at life in quarantine. Rather than just offer another Zoom-call special, the show makes use of real-life acting families, which gives it an authenticity, sometimes lacking in other shows of a similar format.

The show focuses on three stories, which run concurrently, in which we see the lives of families unfold in the early days of quarantine. The intertwined storylines all relate directly to quarantine; the planning of an anniversary party, raising children, older children moving home and relationships between roommates.

Whilst the series isn’t groundbreaking in its storytelling, it is entertaining and feels like a genuine look at life through a challenging time. The stories and performances feel genuine, owing to the fact that the relationships are. James and Sarah for example are played by real life couple Lesle Odom Jr (Hamilton) and his wife, Nicolette Robinson. Whilst they may be acting, their experience of quarantine with the people they share the screen with are as real as can be.

‘Love in the Time of Corona’ is a sweet, hopeful look at the early days of quarantine, it’s probably one of the best and most engaging programmes of its format made during this time. It’s biggest drawback for me though is simply that it hasn’t aged particularly well. Although it’s only a year old, so much changed in terms of the pandemic and the way we have adapted and lived our lives. ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ relies on its sense of hope, something that feels lost, having experienced a year of living life in the time of Corona.

All four episodes will be coming to Disney+ on Friday, March 12, 2021 (UK)

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