The Underrated Messages Throughout Frozen 2 That Helped It Become The Best Selling Animated Film


Since Frozen 2’s release on November 22nd, 2019, it has grossed over $1.325 billion at the global box office. Being that it is the first of its kind, an animated musical sequel, it is even more impressive that is has surpassed its predecessor. But throughout the movie, there are notable themes and moments that are not getting the attention they deserve. If we take a look back at our older Disney Princess movies the theme is often clear and there are fewer messages throughout. Frozen 2 is paving its way as one of the best-animated films of all time in so many ways, from the animation to the music to the story. Everything is on a different level.


The first message I think really struck out to me is in the overall theme of their mother, we see how she helped Elsa still love who she is when she was just a young girl, and throughout the movie, it is her scarf, her lullaby that is leading them on this journey. She is the one who has been calling Elsa this whole time and when it comes time for Elsa to discover who she is it is her mother who shows her the truth and tells her to love herself and accept herself. She shows her that she is meant to be more than just a scared girl with magic. She is a powerful element. This is important because for those watching who have recently lost their mother or a loved one it is an extremely beautiful and helpful thing to offer up a plot that unlike other Disney movies where the parents die and it’s sad and that’s that, this gives the audience the chance to say “Yes they are still with me and maybe they are guiding me to my destiny” coping with loss is not an easy thing so to give hope and help to a young generation is a powerful thing.

Next, I want to talk about Anna’s song “Do The Next Right Thing” in the behind-the-scenes podcast about Frozen 2 the Lopez’s mention that they wrote this for two other members of the Frozen 2 team who both respectively lost their children too soon. When I heard that was the reason the power of the song hit me all over again. I don’t want this to just be about how Frozen 2 deals with loss, but this song also has a unique way of dealing with any form of loss, but that you need to accept it and hear the voice that is negative but to make the choice to do the next right thing and be better. I have heard multiple young children say that they want to “do the next right thing” and I myself have taken it as a mantra of sorts, reminding yourself to do what is right could be from holding the door open to donating to charity, to just doing what you need to do for yourself. But to make such a deeply emotional song where Kristen Bell’s voice truly shines, with also having it be an overall positive empowering message is amazing.

I’m not going to rant forever about how I think Frozen 2 is amazing so I will leave it with this last moment. In Elsa’s song “Show Yourself” she is journeying to find herself and she believes she is about to find the answers. This song and sequence are my favorite in the movie for a number of reasons which I’ll save for a separate post. The line in this song when Elsa repeatedly is asking “are you the one I’ve been searching for all of my life” and then when she realizes it has been her mothers voice this whole time and the line switches to her mom saying “You are the one you’ve been searching for” is an incredibly powerful line because it is the moment Elsa realizes she never needed anyone else to tell her who she is, she only needed to believe in herself and have confidence in her own powers. This is like her realization in “Let it go” but much more extreme because she is now older and has still struggled to find her true place.

This movie has many themes of grief, change, self-love, being open with your emotions(I’m looking at you Kristoff and I love it), and the theme of family between Anna and Elsa. This movie is a very different adventure and it is darker, more mature, and edgier but it makes it all that much more important.

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