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‘Truth and Lies: Fatal Dive to the Titanic’ Coming To ABC & Hulu, Trailer Revealed

ABC News Studios‘ investigative No. 1-rated documentary series “Truth and Lies” returns with three captivating new episodes that reveal hidden truths and untold accounts from an infamous crime, a catastrophic event that dominated headlines, and an elusive cult. Each two-hour episode is an in-depth look behind the scenes of these chilling events. The first episode chronicles the twists and turns in the decade-long investigation to find the Long Island serial killer; the second episode unfolds the tragic story of entrepreneur Stockton Rush, his vision for an innovative submersible that would take adventurous tourists down to the Titanic wreckage, and his ill-fated voyage; and the final episode delves into the polygamist Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) community and the controversial life of their leader, Warren Jeffs, who still proves dangerous even behind bars. The second episode “Fatal Dive to the Titanic: Truth & Lies” airs Thursday, Feb. 8, at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC, next day on Hulu.

In “Fatal Dive to the Titanic: Truth & Lies,” Entrepreneur Stockton Rush dreamed of a revolutionary submersible that could take adventurous tourists into the deep sea to view the fabled Titanic wreckage. “Truth and Lies: Fatal Dive to the Titanic” reports on how Rush’s Titan submersible became a cautionary tale about the risks of innovation. Through interviews with Rush’s friends, former Titan “mission specialists” and adventure pioneers, the episode explores the groundbreaking technology behind the Titan, painting a picture of both the excitement and devastation surrounding the deadly venture. The program also takes viewers through the pivotal moments that ultimately led to the demise of the Titan and all on board its final tragic journey into the deep sea.

Truth and Lies” is produced by ABC News Studios. Muriel Pearson serves as executive producer, and David Sloan serves as senior executive producer for ABC News Studios. ABC News Studios is led by Mike Kelley. Reena Mehta is the SVP of Streaming and Digital Content.

Check out the trailer below:

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