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Twenty-Something – Disney+ SparkShort Review

Twenty-Something, the latest SparkShort, is available to stream on Disney+. It’s a fun few minutes, that isn’t afraid to get deep and touch on the inner struggles one might face when getting older.

Whatever your age, there are moments in your life that you feel too young, too old, or too inexperienced; it’s an experience that can leave you feeling trapped inside yourself. Twenty-Something follows Gia, who is just Turing 21, at a bar for the first time with her sister. She feels like a compromised version of herself, a baby, a child, and a teen.

Twenty-something is one of the more lighthearted shorts in the series, although the subject matter is aimed at an older audience. The tone of this short is incredibly inventive, with funny moments occurring when the three versions of Gia interact with each other. It’s a great way to explore the concept looked at in Pixar’s ‘Inside Out.’

The short is based on a comic, drawn by director Ashton Corbin, who was given a chance to make a Short while working on Soul. It feels authentic and drawn from her own experience, like many Pixar Stories, audiences will find it relatable to their own lives.

Twenty-Something is Available to stream on Disney+ now.

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