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Verizon Offering Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Max, & Netflix Bundle

Verizon recently introduced a new streaming bundle for myPlan customers. For $10 a month, they can access the ad-supported versions of Netflix and Max. Additionally, this offer can be combined with the Disney Bundle. This means customers can enjoy the ad-supported versions of Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Netflix, and Max, all for only $20 a month.

With myPlan, Verizon customers choose which perks they want to add to their unlimited plans and, at only $10 per month for each perk, enjoy services they love at a great value, like Netflix and Max. We’re offering customers more choice and value than the rigid, competitive plans that force you to pay for things you don’t need.

Verizon is the first provider to offer a bundle of Netflix & Max (with ads) and it’s available to all myPlan customers. Verizon is using its strategic relationships with the biggest players in the content industry to continue to unlock more value for its wireless customers.

myPlan introduces customer control, so they can now choose what to add to their plan and save big on things they love, like Netflix & Max (with ads).

The Netflix & Max (with ads) perk will be available December 7th to Verizon mobile customers on our Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plans. Enrol in myPlan and take advantage of the offer by visiting verizon.com/myplan.

Streaming bundles are anticipated to grow increasingly common in the streaming industry. This trend is expected to reduce churn and stimulate subscriber growth. Particularly, it’s geared towards ad-supported plans.

In these plans, streaming services primarily generate revenue from ads, not subscription fees. This approach is becoming a key strategy for many streaming companies.

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