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WandaVision Episode 8 Will Be The Longest Yet

There has been much debate about the lengths of episodes of WandaVision, with fans speculating if or when the episodes might get longer. Before last week’s episode there were rumours going around that Kevin Feige had confirmed the last three episodes would clock in at an hour each, this was proven to be false when episode 7 was 37 minutes long.

So, what do we know about the length of the remaining two episodes and how long, realistically will they be? I’ve had a look at previous episode lengths and I think we can figure out what’s left. My sums are based on the total length of the episodes, including credits. Lets look at the information we know to be true:

Episode 1 = 29 mins

Episode 2 = 36 mins

Episode 3 = 32 mins

Episode 4 = 34 mins

Episode 5 = 41 mins

Episode 6 = 37 mins

Episode 7 =  37 mins

This means that we’ve had a total of 246 minutes so far. Now we know that the series is around 6 hours (360 mins) this is according to director Matt Shakman, we’ll asume this includes credits too. Going by these numbers we have a total of 114 minutes of WandaVision left in the two remaining episodes.

So how long will each episode be?

According to Redditor Plenty_Echidna_544, who correctly predicted episode seven’s length at 37 minutes, episode 8 will be 47 minutes in length, making it the longest episode so far. If his source is correct that will put the series finale at just over an hour long.

Source: Reddit


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