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WandaVision – Matt Shakman Talks About How The Pandemic Changed The Finale

After its nine-episode run on Disney+ WandaVision has come to an end. Luckily we don’t have long left to wait until the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiers on March 19th.

WandaVision’s main focus was Wanda’s grief, and how it shaped the introduction of her powers and reveal as The Scarlet Witch. To get to that reveal though, the writers took us on a journey full of references, Easter eggs and plot threads, some of which have still left us with questions in our minds. It seems that some of those left over threads may have been unavoidable due to the recent pandemic. In an interview with Kevin Smith, on his ‘Fatman Beyond’ podcast, WandaVision director Matt Shakman offered an insight into how the production was affected by the recent lockdown.

The studio’s original plan was to release the first three episodes together, this makes sense with the narrative they set up, and may have helped some fans who took a little longer to get what the series was about. However, having only been able to finish the season finale around 2 weeks before its official release, releasing three episodes on week one would’ve meant delaying the finale until it was finished.

Shakman also discussed the engineer tease, which was 100% intended, however once people started to expect Reed Richards to show up, the planned pay-off ended up on the cutting room floor. He also goes on to confess that a lot of the CGI edits were a bit awaked, something that Smith points out, but these had to be finalised post-lockdown. Monica was intended to have a bigger role in the finale, which included her, Ralph and the twins attempting to steal the Darkhold from the basement. There, they would’ve discovered that Agatha’s bunny, Scratchy was a demon. This sequence was filmed but they were unable to finish the VFX for it.

I felt that the finale was perfect, and I’m not sure if what was cut would add to the story necessarily, but it is a shame that they were unable to have their original plans for the show play out as intended. What this new insight does show is that the episodic Disney+ format gives the studio freedom to take on board audience reaction, and edit things out if necessary.

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