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What Did The Critics Think of “Clouds” ?

The latest Disney+ Orginal movie, “Clouds”, is now available to stream globally on Disney+.

The reviews from critics have been mixed with a current 50% rating out of 22 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. There isn’t a huge amount of reviews so there’s definitely a chance this could increase… or decrease.

The majority of reviews from critics have been favorable with a current 87% rating out of 15 reviews. Audience ratings are even higher with a 93% approval rating.

The following reviews are opinions from critics and not DisneyPlusInformer.com.

The fact that it is based on a true story makes it that much sadder, but also that much more inspirational. Mama’s Geeky

An incredibly touching story, told through the lense of a talented and authentic filmmaker. It’s harrowing, raw and emotional – but also full of life, love and heart. Make sure to keep the tissues nearby because this one is an absolute rollercoaster. Dave Lee Down Under

[W]hile it may look like a simple, Disney-fied version of reality, there’s a maturity to be found in Clouds that is more than a bit surprising, but also quite welcome. CinemaBlend

It’s a sob story indeed, but where Clouds goes right is giving viewers an equal amount of fighting and living with something substantial to take away from all of the schmaltz Flickering Myth

Director Justin Baldoni’s young-adult romance knows exactly which audience it’s playing to, and accomplishes much of what it sets out to do: break your heart, while leaving you humming a sorrowful-yet-catchy tune. Globe and Mail

“Clouds” keeps its focus squarely on the ground from start to finish, and it soars that much higher for it.

[A] sweet, smoothed-over biopic of teenage singer-songwriter Zach Sobiech, who died aged 18 of cancer, shortly after scoring the viral folk-pop hit that lends the film its title. Variety

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