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What Did The Critics Think Of ‘Hamilton’?

In just a few days, ‘Hamilton’ will be debuting on Disney+ across the globe. Today, the critics’ reviews have been released.

“At the end of the day, this is Hamilton, as performed by the original Broadway cast, which means it’s brilliant.” –Cinemablend

“On the whole, absolutely, positively, there is new insight and new excitement here for people who already know that they love this show, and even for those who have stayed away from the album. Hamilton is a piece whose status as art is constantly threatened by its status as a phenomenon and a status symbol; the cultural exhaustion has been, at times, very real and beyond understandable. This is a good reset, and a good chance to put a fresh eye on it.” – NPR

“In most filmed versions of live experiences, you’re conscious of a disconnect between the scale of performances aimed at the back of the house and the needs of the camera. That is shrewdly avoided here, even in the case of Jonathan Groff’s outre King George, thanks to the careful and generally seamless interpolation of close-ups filmed later.” – Chicago Tribune

“Audiences seeing this cast for the first time will be bowled over by the depth of the performances, notably so with Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr, the politically ambitious also-ran who feels the hand of Hamilton in his every failure. Odom never allows him to become the mere villain of the piece.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Unsurprisingly, ‘Hamilton’ has been a huge hit with critics and of course audiences when it debuted on Broadway five years ago. The show helped gather larger audiences for both history and musical theatre. It’s sure to be a huge hit when it becomes available to stream on July 03, 2020.

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