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What Did The Critics Think Of ‘The Only and Only Ivan’ ?

‘The One And Only Ivan’ is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

The majority of reviews from critics have been favourable with a current 69% rating out of 80 reviews. Audience ratings are even higher with a 75% approval rating.

The following reviews are opinions from critics and not DisneyPlusInformer.com.

(?)  Filming in live-action, with the animals rendered in ultra-detailed CGI, Sharrock does a slick job of marrying the mundane with the fantastical. And her voice cast is delightful… Globe and Mail

(?) There’s an easy-going sense of heart at the core of The One and Only Ivan, which gently teases out the personalities of its animal characters. – VultureHound

(?) Thea Sharrock’s direction is light and gentle, and wrings every drop of sentiment out of Mike White’s script for something that may not necessarily be everyone’s best work, but is more than sufficient at passing 95 minutes in a pleasant manner. – entertainment.ie

(?) Too often, however, it feels like a rehash of other, better films, and there’s not enough that sets “The One and Only Ivan” apart. – Detroit News

(?) “The One and Only Ivan” goes overboard in patting its young audience on the head by remaining much too calm and soothing, like an on-screen lullaby. – New York Post

(?) This adaptation of the award-winning children’s book about a silverback gorilla (voiced by Sam Rockwell) and the ringmaster (Bryan Cranston) who keeps him in captivity has a strong animal-rights message – and a touch that’s a tad too soft. – Rolling Stone

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