What Did The Critics Think Of “The Right Stuff”


The latest Disney+ Orginal series by National Geographic, “The Right Stuff”, is now available to stream globally on Disney+. The live-action drama series officially debuted today with the first two episodes now available.

The reviews from critics have been mixed with a current 50% rating out of 22 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. There isn’t a huge amount of reviews so there’s definitely a chance this could increase… or decrease.

Audience ratings, which is arguably more important, appear to be much higher with many Disney+ subscribers praising the show.

The following reviews are opinions from critics and not DisneyPlusInformer.com.

The Right Stuff is unexpectedly thought-provoking in its consideration of what America wants out of its heroes. RogerEbert.com

The astronauts have little grain or complexity, beyond one or two single traits; they’re network-deep portrayals — at least those who register. Boston Globe 

Solely on its own merits, the series, a presentation of National Geographic, is a perfectly serviceable drama about a rococo period of American history. Wall Street Journal

About as predictable as it gets — which isn’t exactly a deal-breaking knock against it. For those who already love the idea of outer space and the people who get to explore it, The Right Stuff should be straight up comfort food. Variety

The Right Stuff is not bad, or even boring, just thin and unconvincing. Los Angeles Times 

The actors do their best to overcome the flat writing, and the show does find its stride by the fifth episode. What the new “Right Stuff” is missing are the qualities it can probably never have: currency and context. Washington Post

It’s 2020 and Google plus a quick trip to Wikipedia will tell you everything you need to know. But despite these obstacles, the eight-episode series is more often than not a compelling, inspirational drama that does its best to command our attention. Paste Magazine

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