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When Are New Episodes of “Genius: Aretha” Released On Disney Plus?

The third season of National Geographic’s Genius: Aretha will be coming to Disney+ via Star in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on June 04 2021

What is Genius: Aretha about?

“Genius” is National Geographic’s critically acclaimed anthology series that dramatises the fascinating stories of the world’s most brilliant innovators and their extraordinary achievements with their volatile, passionate and complex personal relationships. This third season will explore Aretha Franklin’s musical genius and incomparable career, as well as the immeasurable impact and lasting influence she has had on music and culture around the world. Franklin was a gospel prodigy, an outspoken civil rights champion and widely considered the greatest singer of the past 50 years, receiving countless honours throughout her career. “Genius: Aretha” will be the first-ever, definitive and only authorised scripted series on the life of the universally acclaimed Queen of Soul.

What Time Are New Episodes of Genius: Aretha Released?

Genius: Aretha will follow the usual Disney+ release schedule with new episodes dropping at 12:01 am PT, 8 AM in the UK, and 9 AM in most other European countries. Disney+ Originals will always be released at 12:01 Pacific Time, -8 hours behind GMT.

  • UK: 08:00 AM
  • Sydney, Australia – 7:00 PM

When Are New Genius: Aretha Episodes Released?

Genius: Aretha will debut with two episodes followed by two new episodes each Friday, following the usual Disney+ release schedule.

  • Friday, June 04 – Episode 1
  • Friday, June 04 – Episode 2
  • Friday, June 11 – Episode 3
  • Friday, June 11 – Episode 4
  • Friday, June 19 – Episode 5
  • Friday, June 19 – Episode 6
  • Friday, June 25 – Episode 7
  • Friday, June 25 – Episode 8

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