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When is “House of Mouse” Coming To Disney+?

Disney+ launched in the US & Canada on November 12, 2019, and in many other countries in early 2020.

The streaming service offers thousands of viewing options which includes original content that is exclusive to Disney+. In addition, Disney+ offers some of the best library content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Despite hours and hours worth of content to enjoy, there’s one show in particular that fans are craving to re-watch, which is of course, “House of Mouse”. When exactly will this classic be arriving on Disney+? Read on for everything we know.

When is House of Mouse Coming To Disney Plus?

As it stands, “House of Mouse” is not available on Disney+. As of writing, Disney hasn’t announced if or when the TV show might be added to the service.

Disney doesn’t typically share their plans on when a specific title will be added to the streaming service. New content is usually announced during the middle of the month for the following month. This gives us our best indication on what’s coming to Disney+ in the near future.

We think there’s a very good chance that the show will be added to Disney+ at some point in the future with the real question being “when” and not ‘If”.

It’s also possible that Disney just hasn’t had an opportunity yet to rework the show for Disney+. The series is almost 20 years old, technology has, of course, changed dramatically during that time and there are certain adjustments needed to be made for Disney+.

Disney has recently added ‘The Bear in the Big Blue House’ which is a positive sign that Disney is willing to add these older shows.

Stay tuned to Disney Plus Informer as the moment we know, you’ll know.

How To Request House of Mouse

Disney has made it very easy to request a movie or TV show to be added to the service. You’ll need to head over to Disney’s help center, Help.DisneyPlus.com, and click the ‘Give Feedback’ button. Full details.

How to watch “House of Mouse”?

Even though “House of Mouse” isn’t currently available on Disney+, fans aren’t totally out of luck. All episodes have been uploaded to YouTube; just search “House of Mouse”. However, they do come and go from YouTube.

What’s “House of Mouse” About?

Disney’s “House of Mouse” or simply “House of Mouse” is an American animated television series, produced by Walt Disney Television Animation (now Disney Television Animation), that originally aired for three seasons from January 13, 2001, to its finale on October 24, 2003. The show focuses on Mickey Mouse and his friends running a cartoon theater dinner club in the fictional ToonTown, catering to many characters from Disney cartoons and animated movies while showcasing a variety of their cartoon shorts.

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  1. What you just said about “Submitting a request doesn’t guarantee that your suggestion will be added to Disney+” was wrong. It already has repeatedly. Pepper Ann has been requested and now it has been added to Disney Plus. Also, someone in 2019 requested Disney Plus to make and add a Tron 3. Then in 2020, there were hints that a Tron 3 is in the works. All proving opposite of what you said. Sorry to point this out, but it’s true. Also, in rare moments, Disney Plus has replied to Disney Plus users on Twitter that they are open to the suggestions they made to them and would pass them on to their teams. And I have proofs of that. Here’s the list:

    Bia Season 3 = https://twitter.com/3Precisamos/status/1375590891323334658

    Captain EO = https://mobile.twitter.com/juancatweet/status/1358715782881017857

    Daredevil = https://mobile.twitter.com/DisneyPlusHelp/status/1370386401607479296

    Disney Weekend Shows = https://twitter.com/MaikelN3RD/status/1395073544875388934

    Enchanted 2 = https://mobile.twitter.com/MasuBububu/status/1358647224532676609

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  2. i Love House Of Mouse i Love Seeing All Of My Favorite Cartoon Characters Coming Together in A Big Crossover This Show is Just Begging To Be Added To Disney Plus Not Only The Original Show Should Be Put On Disney Plus But Also A Reboot Show As Well This Time With Disney Pixar Blue Sky And More Animated Characters

  3. I think House of Mouse should be available on Disney+. On 4/18/23, it will be the 40-year-anniversary for Disney Channel. 40 years! That’s huge! Also, on 11/18/23, it will be Mickey Mouse’s 95th birthday! That’s also huge! So, I expect House of Mouse to become available on Disney+ in 2023. It would be a shame if the show wasn’t available on there in that year.


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