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When Is Monsters at Work Season 2 Coming Out?

Monsters at Work debuted on Disney+ on June 7, 2021. . While the show didn’t have the same critical acclaim as Monsters, Inc., most fans agree that it’s an entertaining show with some heartwarming moments.

If you enjoyed Monsters at Work, you’re probably wondering if there will be a second season of the show? When will Season Two of Monsters at Work come out? Read on for everything we know so far!

Will There Be a Monsters at Work Season 2?

Yes! In June 2022, Disney+ made an official announcement that Monsters at Work has been renewed for a second season. While many of the cast are expected to return, Disney+ hasn’t yet confirmed when production will begin.

You can learn more about the show’s renewal here.

Monsters at Work Season 2 Release Date

Disney hasn’t confirmed an exact release date for Monsters at Work Season 2 other than sometime in 2023. We expect that the series will be released in Summer 2023, and if Disney follows a similar pattern to season 1, June 2023 seems likely.

What Do We Know About Monsters at Work Season 2?

When Disney+ announced that Monsters at Work would be released in 2023, they also revealed a teaser trailer. You can check out the trailer below:

Disney+ has yet to release any information about the plot of Season 2, but since the first season ended with Tylor and his MIFT crew saving the company and Tylor realizing his new dream of becoming a Jokester, the second season will likely follow him in his new role.

The cast from the first season of the series will also be returning.

Monsters at Work Season 2

Although there isn’t a lot of information out yet, there will definitely be a second season of Monsters at Work. Stayed tuned as we’ll let you know any news about the series the moment it’s released.

What Is Monsters at Work About?

Monsters at Work is a sequel to Monsters, Inc and picks up almost immediately where the original film left off. While it features characters from the original film, the main character is a monster named Tylor. Tylor has just graduated Monsters University and has been hired in his dream job, as a Scarer. He’s excited to work with his hero, Sulley.

Things take a turn for Tylor when he learns that the company no longer needs Scarers. He is transferred to the mechanical department (MIFT), but feels the job is beneath him. The series follows Tylor as he struggles to find his place in the new Monsters, Inc. and Mike and Sulley as they face the ups and downs of running the business.

The first season of Monsters at Work features many of the original cast members including Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Jennifer Tilly. There are also newcomers taking on the roles of the new characters. Ben Feldman (Superstore) plays the protagonist Tylor. Mindy Kaling and Aisha Tyler are also newcomers.

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