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Why Was “Y: The Last Man” Cancelled?

Y: The Last Man premiered on FX on Hulu and Disney+ internationally last month, and there are still a few episodes remaining in the first season. The show has received mixed reactions with a 73% critics score and 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unfortunately, the show hasn’t performed as well as Disney was hoping as Y: The Last Man has been cancelled and won’t be returning for another season, at least not on Disney’s streaming platforms. 

It’s pretty rare for FX originals, which fall under the Disney umbrella, to be cancelled, and it’s even rarer for Disney to cancel a show before its first season has even finished streaming or airing. This unusual behaviour by Disney brings up some questions, and new details have been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Why Was “Y: The Last Man” Cancelled?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, execs at FX had to decide on the future of the series by Oct. 15, which was when options on the cast of Y:TLM expired. This means that if FX chose to extend the contracts on the cast, it would have cost an additional $3 million. This would be before any future production costs, with each episode costing around $8.5 million per episode for the first season. 

The cancellation decision was apparently not based on viewership figures. However, reportedly there had been a drop-off among viewers, but this isn’t overly surprising as many consumers wait for an entire season to be available so they can binge-watch.

As contracts had to be extended multiple times previously due to production delays and COVID, the price to extend contracts again appeared just one step too much for Disney. 

The series will now look to find a new home, if possible. FX Productions owns the series outright and, apparently, is supportive of plans to shop the show. HBO Max is likely the target home for a potential second season as its corporate parent, WarnerMedia, also owns DC Comics. 

What are your thoughts about the series being cancelled?


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