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Will ‘Creed 3’ Be On Disney Plus?

The third installment of the Creed film series, officially titled Creed III, is scheduled to premiere in theaters on March 3, 2023.

While some fans may be eager to see the latest film on the big screen, others may prefer to watch it from the comfort of their own homes.

This brings up the question if ‘Creed 3’ will be on Disney Plus? Read on for everything we know.

‘Creed 3’ Disney Plus Release Date

The third installment in the Creed film series, will not be available on Disney+ in any region. This is because Disney does not own or distribute the movie. Instead, Creed III falls under the ownership of MGM, a separate entertainment company.

While it may seem like Disney owns everything these days, that’s not the case for Creed III. However, fans of the franchise may be able to stream the movie on Amazon Prime in the near future. This is because Amazon recently acquired MGM, which means that Creed III is expected to join the first two Creed movies on the platform.

It’s worth noting that the exact release date for Creed III on Amazon Prime has not yet been announced.

Is ‘Creed 3’ Coming To Disney Plus (Internationally)

Internationally, things can be a little different for Disney+ as we have seen some titles that aren’t produced or distributed by Disney arrive on their streaming service. Specifically, the UK has seen both Paddington movies added, which isn’t a Disney title. We’ve also seen content for adults added to Disney+ outside the US, so this wouldn’t be an issue either. 

However, Creed 3 will not be arriving on Disney+ in any regions. This is because Disney does not own the rights to the franchise.

‘Creed 3’ Streaming Online Free

‘Creed 3’ is expected to arrive on Amazon Prime in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. No exact release hate has been announced.

What is ‘Creed 3’ About?

Still dominating the boxing world, Adonis Creed is thriving in his career and family life. When Damian, a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces after serving time in prison, he’s eager to prove that he deserves his shot in the ring. The face-off between former friends is more than just a fight. To settle the score, Adonis must put his future on the line to battle Damian — a fighter who has nothing to lose.

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