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Will “House of the Dragon” Be On Disney Plus?

The “Game Of Thrones” prequel series, “House of the Dragon,” will be hitting screens globally beginning August 21, 2022. The series is expected to be hugely popular with audiences and will be available on various streaming services. You might be wondering if “House of the Dragon” will be available on Disney+. The answer to this is mostly no, but some regions will be getting “House of the Dragon” on Disney+. Read on for all of the details!

Will “House of the Dragon” Be on Disney Plus?

“House of the Dragon” will not be available on Disney+ (Or Hulu) in any regions. In the United States, you’ll be able to catch “House of the Dragon” on HBO Max. In the UK, you’ll find “House of the Dragon” on Sky and in Canada on Crave.

“House of the Dragon” Disney Plus Hotstar Details

Good news! Disney has announced that “House of the Dragon” will be coming to Disney+ Hotstar in India from August 22, 2022.

Beginning on Monday, August 22 at 6:30 am IST (Indian Standard Time), you can watch new episodes online. The first season is set to consist of 10 episodes, all of which will be based on George RR Martin’s book Fire and Blood

What is ”House of the Dragon” About?

Set some 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, House of the Dragon tells the complicated, horrific, and often petty tale of how the Targaryen family’s squabbles over the Iron Throne ultimately led to near-extinction of their entire bloodline and their winged beasts of war.

“House of the Dragon” Trailer

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