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‘X2: X-Men United’ Removed From Disney+ (US)

‘X2: X-Men United’ has been removed from Disney+ in the United States.

The removal came as a bit of a surprise since Disney+ does not announce which titles will be leaving every month.

The movie was removed due to pre-existing contracts created before Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. The movie is now available on Starz and is expected to return to Disney+ once licensing agreements have ended. However, no return date has been announced.

Stryker (Brian Cox), a villianous former Army commander, holds the key to Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) past and the future of the X-Men. This threat re-ignites the call for a mutant registration act. Stryker starts a full-out assault on Professor Xavier’s (Patrick Stewart) mansion and school. After escaping his plastic cell, Magneto (Ian McKellen) proposes a partnership with Xavier and the X-Men to combat this new formidable enemy they both have in common.

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