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You could earn $1000 by watching Disney+

Calling all Disney superfans! I can’t think of many jobs that would be better than getting paid to watch Disney movies! A review company is looking for up to 5 people to watch Disney movies and TV shows. The best part? You’ll get paid $1000 for doing so!

The Reviews.org job description calls for Disney fans older than 18 who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. You’ll have to watch 30 Disney movies or shows on Disney+ over 30 days. In exchange, you’ll receive $1,000, a one-year subscription to Disney+, and a Disney-themed movie-watching kit that includes a Mickey Mouse blanket and a Pixar popcorn popper. 

Head over to Reviews.org to apply!

2 thoughts on “You could earn $1000 by watching Disney+”

  1. Videos. Videos. Everyone always wants videos as part of trying to get a job to watch 30 days of Disney. What if a person can’t afford a smart phone? I have no way to send a video. There’s no justice.

  2. I love Disney movies. Me and my children watched them all the time. Now my youngest is 22 and we still watch Disney movies. I have almost everyone in vhs form. Anytime I am alone I put one one and it reminds me of when my children were young. What an awesome memory. Would definitely love you watch your movies and get paid. Bonus for doing it


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