Zac Efron Out, Johnny Depp Back In | Pirates of The Caribbean 6


The news broke a few months back that Disney was looking to replace the iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow with a new actor, potentially Zac Efron.

Supposedly, Disney felt that Johnny Depp didn’t fit with the Disney brand after allegations with him and his ex-wife hit the news.

Pirate fans were understandably outraged with the thought of Zac Efron replacing Johnny Depp but it now appears that Disney might have changed their minds.

After the truth behind Depp and actress Amber Heard surfaced, it would seem that Disney is a more comfortable with considering getting the actor back. Conversations are apparently happening behind the scenes.

The same rumor also suggests that the next big movie will cast a woman as the central role and Depp’s Captain Jack will simply be there for support.

Details are still very limited and this is a rumor but stay tuned!



  1. disney has no loyalty to johnny or POTC. didnt even investigate on the matters. pirates of the Caribbean is the franchise it is because of Johnny acting as Jack Sparrow. they could have just ended the series with that last movie but no they had to keep going. ugh

    • I agree had they or if they replace Depp I will not being watching that one nor my entire family. Johnny Depp IS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW pleaseeee DISNEY BETTER NOT EVEN THINK A OUT IT ….
      Can you BOY COTT BOY COTT.

      Whatever happends between that man and his wife should not reflect his ability as an actor.

      • Why people are so cynical about a fake fantasy character reminds me of the ignorance about who should play the little mermaid who originally was a green story book character doesn’t matter who disney put if you don’t watch somebody new will SMH.

      • I fully agree with ya, thats their own personal business. Doesn’t effect my thoughts of how it would effect a dang movie.

  2. Zac Efron really?! Disney would be better off not making another Pirates if they were not going to put Johnny Depp in it.

  3. They must bring back Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow for the next Pirates movie he is the best i dont see anyone playing his role better than him and i mean no one in Hollywood would play a better role than him in Pirates of the Carribean he must be brought back and Disney must reconsider their decision and reinstate him in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow

  4. im glad they want him back in, cause he’s what made that movies what they are and if they replaced him i most likely wont even watch it. but if i were him i wouldn’t do it regardless now cause if Disney was ok with cutting him, then maybe he should just stick it to Disney. imagine the amount of money they wouldn’t make just because he wasnt in it, im pretty sure alot of people wouldn’t watch it

  5. Hopefully they get him back. And imagine the pressure the replacement will be on if they proceed with their original plan. I’m an avid fan of Pirates and mostly it’s because of Johny Depp if ever he’d be removed, I doubt I’d watch the movie or support it.

  6. I think the way Johnny Depp has been treated on this is shocking. Bring back the Depp as Sparrow end of, he made the franchise what it is so show a bit of respect to the man who made Disney a fortune.

    • Amber Heard is just like my ex-husband….an abusive evil person who turned everyone against me through lying and manipulation. Eli Musk almost went insane with her around and she continues to abuse everyone else she gets involved with. I hate what she did to Johnny. Disney should be ashamed in believing her.

  7. Jack should always be the main character. This whole P.C. movement is ridiculous, necessary most of the time, but not for entertainment. Stop changing things just to appease crybabies. Make a spinoff with a female as a lead. People want Jack Sparrow. He basically is POTC.

    • AGREED! I am so sick of this PC garbage! They need to leave politics OUT of the movie and entertainment industry!

  8. Can we have both? Like zach is Jack sparrow’s little brother or something?
    While they are at it high school reunion musical is a thing that I’m ok with happening

  9. Johnny is Captain Jack Sparrow and no one else can take his place. Amber Herd should answer for what shes done to Johnny and his good name.

  10. Disney owes him an apology for dropping such an amazing actor at first sign of being a flawed human. As it turns out, Johnny Depp was not, she was.

    • I say leave the mans private life alone and let him do what he does best and that’s entertain millions , as he has for many years. Johnny is Sparrow , no one else can do it.

  11. Really, thinking of a female lead for a movie that’s main role and guidance has always been based off Captain Jack Sparrow i.e Depp your basically going to be stripping any originality the previous movies had all for the pleasure of those who are offended by anything and everything, let the POTC series continue as it was intended with it’s original Lead not a stupid spinoff to please keyboard warriors. Look what happened to the recent terminator xD.

  12. Disney, let me save you some cash by giving you a piece of advice that you wont get from your highly compensated executives. Johnny Depp MADE Pirates what it is and without him in it and may I add in a leading role The ship WILL SINK! Im not taking away from the other actors as they all are fantastic. Leave his personal life out of this as I am sure they both are guilty to some degree of many things. Quite frankly, that is none of our business anyway. The press is trying to shove it down our throats. I want to watch a great film, not some drama that is ruining peoples lives and making the Divorce lawyers rich. Now, reprise Depp, Take the $ I just saved you and hire a writer to give Capitan Jack and team a great new adventure and sit back and collect the cash that rolls in. I will accept a discounted consultant fee for saving your a&$ on this one! By the way…are you hiring???

  13. It’s pretty funny how Disney thought they were thinking of the fans when they decided to replace Johnny when really, we don’t give a shit. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow, no ifs, ends or buts, just like no one can replace Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

  14. Well, it looks like Johnny Depp is the man of the hour!!
    Rightly so because he plays the roll so we’ll!! I can’t picture anyone but JD doing the film and the same crew!!
    Loved the movie ❤️. Hoping and praying ? JD can get himself together and enjoy life!! Thank you and I bid you ado….

  15. Sorry Disney but no one will even watch the movie if you’re not going to put Johnny back. He is the only Jack Sparrow everyone needs and no one can replace him.

  16. Make Disney pay him double by increasing back end pay out. Then bankrupt Amber heard thru lawsuit. It’s payback time. Hoho ho.
    And that isn’t even enuf. She needs to be run out of Hollywood by a mob with pitchforks.

  17. It actually goes to show you that you can Replace anyone with anyone Else…Disney & Producers jumped to Conclusions in their Decision Making matters… However.. Johnny Depp & That he was married to were Both a Freak Show… It’s just a part of Hollywood ..One big Sad Game ..What you can do to who…How much you can get because of the trick you pulled to get into the Marriage…Then it turns into a ..Will you feel sorry for me Crap

  18. As much as I love POC as Johnny Depp is why POC was so successful, if I was him I would tell Disney to go take a flying leap.
    Mr. Depp let the Fantastic Beast Series take up your time POC don’t desire you. There is always two sides to a story Disney don’t when you put your movies out you research. Well follow those same tactics.

  19. I absolutely have a big cougar crush on Zac Efron and have seen and own everything he has ever been in. But Johnny Depp is and always will be the one and only Jack sparrow. Sorry Jack, Captain Jack Sparrow. There is no POTC without Johnny Depp. I live Zac but without Johnny the franchise would die. Oon the other hand, I could see Zac taking on the role of Will Turner.

  20. I’m agreed to jonny deep is the only one who give live to pirate of Caribbean’s with out him..never will be tha same..sorry

  21. I agree with Everyone 100 percent, I am a huge Pirates of the Carribean Fan and the Ride which I believe was Walt Disneys last Project before he passed away. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow Period!! The first movie was a Master piece Fun and Johnny should have won Best Actor that year for his acting and putting a smile to everybodys face world wide. The second movie won Oscars and made over a billion dollars world wide. What hes meant to the charactor, the movie, to kids all over the world to Everyone and to me Johnny comes back for this movie cheers to all. Ye be all Pirates because of Johnny Depp and his Great cast. Jeffery Rush Babosa, Kiera Knightly, Orlando Bloom, bring the whole cast back from the first fee movies, the Poor pirates with one eye, etc. I love history, classics, and Walt Disney would have Loved Johnny Depp being part of his creation, his dream!!! Joseph Gomez in Homestead, Florida Pirates Fan and Movie Buff!:)))))

  22. Some one forgot the rum. Where’s my rum!
    Captain Jack sparrow is Johnny Depp chariter end of
    And as for Disney to do this is shocking.
    Amber heard was the sole aggressior in this whole relationship and Disney need to actually get rid of Amber heard.
    Especially of aquaman as no one
    Will be willing to watch her again in aquaman 2 ppl will boycott the film and Mr High mumba will lose cridibility.!

  23. Amber Heard, and what she’s done, is a large reason why true victims either done come forward or don’t receive true justice. That woman needs to be penalized to the full extent of the law. It shouldn’t matter one iota if she is Jane Smith off the street or a woman who walks the Red Carpet; look at the devastation she has caused. (Let’s look at him as an ordinary man, not Johnny Depp) She all but ruined a man’s career, she disfigured not only his hand (but almost severing a finger) but also his face with a cigarette, she filed false accusations, she lied – UNDER OATH, she physically abused this man, she intimidated this man, she cost this man how many teens of thousands of dollars; not only in security hardware, but also in legal fees and documents, etc. So, tell me, should she be charged accordingly or treated like a princess because she’s an actress??

  24. I wrote to them that my entire family has stopped purchasing anything Disney, not will we visit the Parks. I said I planned to spread the word about the rush to judgement of Johnny. Trying to save face for Aquaman and Heard would be possible it would bomb regardless. This chick needs to be ousted from society.
    Johnny is POTC, not only had he made tons of money for Disney but all the free time he as Sparrow spends at children hospitals
    Disney should be kissing his booty!

  25. Bailing on Johnny because of a domestic problem and not caring enough to wait and learn the truth? As Captain Hook would say… “Bad Form!” Get yur act together Disney and it better include Johnny Depp! After all… he IS Captain Jack Sparrow!

  26. If they do not have Johnny playing his role as Jack Sparrow then pirates in the Caribbean would be pointless to watch Johnny is what makes the movie worth watching…. If they do not put Johnny back in his place in this movie I know without a doubt my family and myself will not be watching it……if I can say that I know there’s thousands if not millions of others that feel the same……

  27. If zack got the part, that would be the end of the series plus zack is a bad actor. Every comedian would have a field day period. That and Jonny Depp is known for this role. I’m sorry Disney, but if you want to end this series quickly, then take out Jonny Dell. That’s one way to get your sales to drop quick. Zack is not suited for this role or any acting part period. Why are you still paying him anyways. Zack’s acting sucks.

  28. Johnny Deep it is one of my favorite actors as in watching him my whole life who is being accused of abuse I didn’t believe it at all and then I heard they were taking him out of The Pirates of the Caribbean I thought that was the stupidest thing they could do and now that they know it was actually amber doing the abuse!Disney needs to do some major but kissing!

  29. As much as I would love to watch Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow for eternity, after all he is Johnny’s character whom he made the success of the series with! If I was Johnny I would tell Disney to “kiss this!”, but out of love for his devoted & beloved fans I can’t imagine he would want to let them down!

  30. They should bring Zac Efron on board as the son of jack sparrow… with his mom being Penelope Cruz…. since her character and jack sparrow share so much history

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