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‘Zorro’ Seasons 1-2 Coming To Disney+ (US)

Disney has announced that Seasons 1-2 of “Zorro” will arrive on Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

“Zorro” is an American action-adventure western series produced by Walt Disney Productions and starring Guy Williams. Based on the Zorro character created by Johnston McCulley, the series premiered on October 10, 1957, on ABC. The final network broadcast was July 2, 1959. Seventy-eight episodes were produced, and four hour-long specials were aired on the Walt Disney anthology series between October 30, 1960, and April 2, 1961.

The origins of the masked vigilante are revealed as young Diego de la Vega returns home from Spain to the city of Los Angeles. Spurred by a letter from his father detailing the cruel injustices being perpetrated, Diego, with the help of his mute servant Bernardo, join the fight against Comandante Monasterio and his army of lancers. But Diego discovers even far more sinister forces are at work when he pieces together clues that may lead to a clandestine organization intent on overthrowing Los Angeles.

The series stars Guy Williams, Henry Calvin, and Gene Sheldon.

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